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Silly Civil Rights  Sunday, August 3, 2008
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Post Dallas/Fan Meet
Posted by Mr. Pulsar on August 14, 2008, 03:10 EST
Been awhile since I wrote a detailed news post.

I got back from Dallas on Monday, bringing home with me a new laptop, and 1st place from my event. I will be going to E-For All (I know, it's very ew. I hate that con) to compete in the national finals.

Remember the Fan meet is going to be this Saturday. We're going to meet in Downtown Seattle at Gameworks around 5PM. I will be lingering in the arcade, and we'll meet at the entrance outside the pub/grill, not the entrance that goes straight to the arcade. I'll linger out there around 4:40PM or so.

Bring money, we'll probably go somewhere to eat (or don't bring money if you're not hungry). I promise this time I'll bring some more demos of songs I'm working on - but keep in mind they're only demos - so you can guys can listen to them.

Also, I will be at PAX this month, as always.

Thanks guys; also, I really appreciate all the feedback on my album, keep it up. :)

- Mr. Pulsar

Posted by Mr. Pulsar on August 3, 2008, 15:03 EST
So, there will be no comic update on Sunday, unfortunately. Both Morr and myself are going to be out of town. Yes, Morr will be in a feudal land that popularized the term 'Stockholm Syndrome', and I will be in the country of moonshine and lassos.

God damn I love this planet.

- Mr. Pulsar

Posted by Mr. Pulsar on August 3, 2008, 00:00 EST
So, call me a huge nerd but I bought a starter deck for the World of Warcraft TCG today... I'm looking for people in Seattle to play it with.

So if you live in Seattle, have the WoW TCG, and are not interested in raping me, or inserting any objects in to any orifices of my body, then we should get together some time and duel!

Naturally you can find my email on the info page.

Reminder, the next TGSA fan meet is on August 16th, check previous news posts for details.

I'll be in Dallas on August 9-10 for the WCG Southern Regional tournament.

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Posted by Morr on August 10, 2008, 14:23 EST
I've actually been home since saturday, but since pulsar already said we're not updating... I'll just do other things.

Posted by Morr on August 3, 2008, 02:09 EST
And I'll be in sweden next week!
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