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I love this City  Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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Seattle Bus System!
Posted by Mr. Pulsar on June 18, 2008, 00:48 EST
Actually, Seattle has one of the best bus systems. Super convenient and pretty easy to figure out.

About a week ago though my friends and I were coming home and across the street at another bus stop this lady - who I was told was psychotic in some way - was yelling at this man. The guy was so confused but I couldn't help but laugh. My roommates simply said "It's a bus stop, get used to it!"

Also, I 'work' for a reviewing site now. If you ever read, then check to see if the article posted was by me. :D

It's a great position, I always was fond of the idea of reviewing games. Great bunch of guys working there too, the site definitely has potential to grow huge, and it's already on the path for doing so.

The last thing to note is that I've never talked about my 'pro' gaming side, if I can call it that. I'm currently in Clan PMS/H2O, for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band division, and the site just got a new layout. It's great stuff and I really love gaming with the people on there. So yeah, there's more info.

- Mr. Pulsar

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