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Info page

This is our info page. It is very informatitive!

TGSA is a comic. TGSA mostly exsists as an "artistic outlet". Both of us (the authors) have some random ideas we want to push out. This comic is usually a way for us to do that.

TGSA currently updates at the beginning of the week, usually monday. And while we try to keep to a weekly schedule... most oftenly the comic doesn't update every week.

TGSA is mainly written by Austin Throop, who we also call Mr.Pulsar.
TGSA is mainly drawn by Kimmo Lemetti, who we also call Morr.

There is a 9 hour time difference between the creators, which causes a bit of trouble.

The two characters in TGSA are not based on the creators. Though represent each of their train of thought most of the time.

Austin is an alien in exile from Alpha Centauri.
Note: This is not the guy who makes Blastwave.

Kimmo is some guy from finland.
Here is his homepage.
Note: this is the guy who makes Blastwave

There is a few random comics done by other people.

We have an irc channel on gamesurge. #TGSA
It's mostly dead. But Morr for example can be reached on there. Even though he usually replies with a 1-18 day delay.

2008 Austin Throop - Kimmo Lemetti